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Hair Know-How

Want hair that looks as good as you do? Try these tips

Ever find yourself envying people with thick, healthy, perfectly groomed hair? If you'd describe your hair as thin, damaged, dry, or frizzy, you may want to keep reading. When it comes to your everyday routine, there are ways to care for your hair that will improve its appearance and luster.

Feel confident that every day's going to be a good hair day with these simple tips.

Shampooing and Conditioning

It may seem odd, but washing your hair every day is a bad idea for most people. Human hair needs some amount of natural oils to condition and protect itself. Shampoo and hot water strips these oils, leaving hair dull and lifeless. It can be a vicious cycle because the more you wash, the more oil is produced, and the more you want to wash it. Aim to shampoo only two to three times a week. In general, straighter hair needs to be washed more often than curly hair.

Concerned about sweaty hair after your workout? Try rinsing your hair with just water, and leave the shampoo on the shelf.

When you do shampoo, don’t overdo the shampoo. Keep your hair healthy by focusing on massaging the shampoo on your scalp. And don’t worry about scrubbing the ends of your hair.

People who feel the need to wash their hair frequently may find their answer with dry shampoo. This product is applied to dry hair to remove oily buildup while retaining moisture, giving texture, and adding volume.

Conditioner is another big part of healthy hair. To ensure your hair absorbs the conditioner, towel dry your hair before adding a small amount of conditioner. Avoid applying the conditioner to your scalp, as you want the oils in the conditioner to protect and repair the ends. Don’t forget to give the conditioner a minute or five to do its job before rinsing.

A leave-in conditioner is great for protecting colored or curly hair and an occasional deep conditioning treatment can help revive brittle or lifeless hair.

Drying and Styling

Excessive heat is one of the worst things for your hair. Blow-drying every day is bound to cause dryness, damage, and color fading. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry or at least air dry for a few minutes before using a blow dryer. Before drying or styling, apply a heat-protection product to the middle and ends of your hair and use the lowest heat setting possible on your heat tools. A blow dryer that's too hot for your skin is too hot for your hair. To avoid frizz, blow-dry by pointing the nozzle down toward your hair, not straight at the side, and keep the dryer moving constantly, while holding it several inches away from your hair. If you're looking for added volume, blow-dry your hair by bending over with your head upside down.

Brushing and Combing

Brushing out tangly hair can be a nightmare, as moms of daughters know. Rough, repetitive brushing can damage hair. To keep hair from getting overly tangled and to promote shine, brush your hair for a minute in the morning and a minute in the evening, starting at the ends of your hair and working your way up. Since wet hair is more fragile and prone to break, avoid using a brush on wet hair, Instead, go with a wide-tooth comb when dealing with wet hair.

Trimming and Cutting

The typical advice is to get a haircut every six to eight weeks, but this time frame may vary depending on your hair type. To help you know when you should make an appointment at your salon, ask yourself two questions: Are my ends visibly damaged? Is it becoming difficult to achieve the style I desire? If either of your answers is yes, see your hairdresser.

Regardless of whether it’s time for a hair appointment, take a step today to get the most from your hair.