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Diabetes: Catch It While You Can!

Seven early warning signs of type 2 diabetes.

A lifetime of type 2 diabetes can mean daily medications, insulin therapy, and blood sugar monitoring. Left uncontrolled, high blood sugar can cause damage to your kidneys, heart, blood vessels, eyes, and nerves.

Millions of people currently have prediabetes, a condition that comes about due to abnormally high blood sugar levels that aren’t quite high enough to be diagnosed as full-blown diabetes. The problem is that many of these people don’t know they’re at risk because the symptoms of prediabetes are mild and develop slowly.

An early diagnosis of prediabetes can set the course for the rest of your life, as making necessary changes to diet and lifestyle can prevent type 2 diabetes from setting in. This is why it’s important to know the warning signs of diabetes and take action while you still have time.

Thirstier Than Usual

When your blood contains too much sugar, fluid is taken from the rest of your body. The result: you feel thirsty, your mouth feels dry, and you crave more drinks. Don’t always assume your sudden thirst is because of hot weather or a salty snack you ate. Excess thirst can be a sign of type 2 diabetes.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks

Because you’re thirstier and drinking more, you will need to urinate more often. High blood sugar also increases urine production. If you notice you need to use the bathroom more frequently during the day or night, it’s time to get your blood sugar tested.

Hungry All the Time

Folks with type 2 diabetes develop insulin resistance. When this happens, their body is no longer able to use insulin to transfer glucose into cells. The pancreas takes this as a sign to produce even more insulin to compensate. High amounts of insulin and low energy levels in cells tell your brain that your body is hungry.

Yet Losing Weight

You’re confused because you’re eating more than usual to curb your hunger, but the scale is going down. Since the body’s not able to metabolize glucose, it begins to burn stored energy in muscle and fat. Frequent urination also results in lost water weight.

Tired and Cranky

A fifth early warning sign of type 2 diabetes is increased fatigue and irritability. When your cells lack the energy they need to function, you feel worn out and short tempered. Don’t always blame the stress at work or your whiny kids for your fatigue. Get chronic fatigue evaluated by the doctor.

A Problem with Infections

In the past you’d get a cut and it would heal in a day or two. Now whenever you have a scrape or wound it takes weeks to finally heal. High blood sugar provides an ideal environment for bacteria and yeast to multiply faster. This means your body’s not able to resist infections like it once did. Women with high blood sugar are more susceptible to frequent yeast infections.

Trouble Seeing Clearly

Don’t be too quick to blame blurred vision on normal aging, especially if you have any of the previous symptoms. Trouble focusing is often one of the first symptoms of abnormal blood sugar levels. High blood sugar makes the lens in your eye have to work harder to focus, but as your body adjusts to new sugar levels, your eye muscles learn how to focus, and your vision improves. This is one reason why many people stay oblivious to their body’s prediabetic state.