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Campfire Cuisine

What you can do to stick to your diet on your next camping trip.

For many, camping is a favorite family activity for years. Out in nature, away from the city, the pace of life slows to a crawl. As a result, thousands of people each year are attracted to campgrounds across the globe. An economical way for a family to vacation, camping is a surefire way to create memories that last a lifetime.

But don’t let those memories be hampered by gained pounds. As you think about your next camping trip, what do you plan to pack for meals? If toaster pastries, hot dogs, s’mores, and other highly processed convenience foods are your go-to camping foods, your diet may be in harm’s way. It’s so easy to let your diet slide when you’re in vacation mode, whether you’re staying in a five star hotel or a tent in the woods. On your next camping trip, make healthy foods a priority with a few indulgences thrown in on the side.

How can you make camping a delight to your taste buds and your waistline? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Keep a Balance

Your typical camping foods are often high in carbs. Think: granola bars, trail mix, chips, pancakes, sandwiches, and donuts. As you plan your meals ahead of time, be sure to include a balance of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats at each meal.

Pack Some Produce

Don’t forget to pack fruits and vegetables. Pre-washed berries or grapes, watermelon, bananas, and apples are easy to transport to the campsite. Cut up a few fresh veggies to have on hand for snacks and meals. Wrap up a few veggies in a foil packet, sprinkle on some cheese or seasoning, and roast them over the fire.

Think Outside the Box

Rather than your typical go-to camping foods, get creative with your meal options. Forget about the toaster pastries, donuts, or pancakes for breakfast, and warm up some instant oatmeal over the fire or heat up a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, cheese, and veggies.

For lunch, make sandwiches with whole-grain bread, spread canned tuna on whole-grain crackers, or warm up a can of low-sodium soup.

Instead of chips, cookies, candy, or crackers for snacks, pack some convenient, yet healthy snacks everyone can enjoy. Fresh fruit, veggie sticks, all-natural jerky, nuts, yogurt cups, trail mix, or hard boiled eggs are easy options. Or you can get creative and pop your own popcorn over the fire.

Hotdogs are easy, but they are horrible options if you’re working toward good health. So skip the hotdogs for dinner and grill some fish or chicken over the fire. Leave the canned stew at home and roast some kebabs with meat and vegetables on skewers. Fill aluminum foil with fixings for nachos and heat it over the coals. Include whole-grain chips, cut up chicken, beans, and cheese. Top with salsa, guacamole, and cilantro.

Finally, canned soda and beer may be your camping drinks of choice, but you’re doing your waistline no favors with these high-calorie beverages. Drink water or unsweetened tea instead. You’ll be better able to hike during the trip and feel and look better during and after.

Allow for Indulgences

What’s a vacation without a few treats? When you occasionally enjoy small portions of your favorite foods you’re less likely to overindulge. One s’more won’t harm your diet too much, but if you’re looking for a healthier dessert option, why not try a banana boat sundae? They’re gluten-free and can be filled with yummy, healthy treats. Split a banana in half long-ways and fill it with things like dark chocolate chips, nuts, peanut butter, or coconut. Wrap the banana in foil and heat it over the fire.