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Light in the Lockdown

Finding the good in the midst of hard times.

You may be back to work, shopping, and eating out, or you may still be staying home as much as possible to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Either way, the past few months have been strange and troubling. A new and dangerous virus that’s highly contagious is out there, and it’s affecting everyone.

You may have lost your job or had your income reduced. Families have been stuck at home in close quarters. The activities you were looking forward to were cancelled. And while communities may no longer be under strict lockdown, the virus is still out there.

These things are all true, but if all you focus on is the bad that surrounds you, you’ll become stressed and depressed. Each day, look for the things you can be thankful for in the midst of the hard. Here are a few that may apply to you.


For many people, life has slowed down. In the midst of the coronavirus, your busy calendar suddenly got empty and you had more time on your hands. The things that used to distract you from your priorities were stripped away. With the fear of sickness, losing loved ones, and lost income, you may have realized what’s most important in life. Instead of material things, money, or entertainment, maybe you were reminded that family, friends, community, and helping others should be your priority. Will you carry these lessons with you in the days to come?

Family Time

You may have been stuck at home for days on end with your family, but hopefully it wasn’t all bad. Yes, the kids may have been climbing the walls while Mom and Dad were trying to work from home, your temper may have been short, and everyone’s anxiety levels high, but hopefully you were able to spend a little more quality time together. Take some time now to figure out how to maintain family time once your schedule fills up again.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. - William Arthur Ward

Reaching Out

Hard times have a way of uniting or separating communities. Maybe you were able to see your community come together, while staying apart. Talking to neighbors you’ve never met, donating food to your local homeless shelter, taking groceries to an elderly neighbor, or just calling your mom to check in are all ways to help others during a crisis. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, you were likely blessed.

Time Outdoors

Rather than being cooped up inside all day, maybe you’ve spent more time outdoors than usual. While the malls, movie theaters, and restaurants were closed, outdoor activities were something you could enjoy. Hiking, camping, riding bikes, or just taking a walk are generally safe social distancing activities. The beauty, quietness, and fresh air of the outdoors are things to be thankful for in the midst of a lockdown.

Projects Accomplished

In the beginning of the lockdown you may have had grand ideas of all the things you could accomplish in your extra time. While you likely didn’t get everything marked off your to-do list, that’s okay. Things were stressful, and we all miss goals. But maybe you were able to get a few things done and you now feel a sense of accomplishment. Closets are cleaned out, yard work projects are finished, and projects around the house finally got taken care of.

Or maybe you had time to work on a hobby that you normally don’t get to enjoy when things are busy. In the midst of the bad news going on around you, you were able to work on your sewing project, play an instrument, or escape in a good book. These are all good things, so be thankful!