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Why Resist Your Workout?

Seven benefits of resistance training

When you hear the words “resistance training,” hopefully you don’t think about resisting exercise. Resistance training is the name given to any exercise that makes you work against some type of force. It’s not you doing the resistance, but something else like a barbell or elastic band. There are various forms of resistance training exercises including weight machines, free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, or your own bodyweight.

Many people tend to focus more on cardio and forget the benefits of resistance training, but a balanced workout routine will include at least two sessions of resistance training a week. Keep reading to discover seven reasons why resistance training is important.

Increases Strength

Every day you do things that require strength. Carrying in the groceries, climbing the stairs, and cleaning the house are a lot easier with strong muscles. Resistance training is the best way to build muscle strength. Working against resistance causes tiny tears to form in your muscle cells. As your body repairs the damage, muscles grow and strengthen.

After age 30, you begin to lose muscle mass, so exercises to build muscle are especially important as you push past your third decade. With greater stamina, you can be that grandparent who still has the strength and energy to play with the grandkids.

Builds Bones

Muscle mass isn’t the only thing that starts to decline in your thirties. Bone loss begins as well. In case you don’t know, loss of bone mass increases your risk for osteoporosis and broken bones. One of the best ways to prevent or reverse bone loss is through resistance training. No matter how old you are, resistance training can do wonders for the health of your bones.

Manages Weight

Burn calories fast with the right types of resistance training. Try to do exercises that work multiple muscle groups at one time to get the most bang for your buck.
As an added perk, you won’t just burn calories while in the middle of your routine. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest, while you’re not doing a thing. Resistance training raises your metabolic rate by as much as 15 percent, making it a wonderful way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. After a good workout, your body continues to burn extra calories for as long as 38 hours as it works to return your body to a normal state.

Improves Body Mechanics

Strong, toned muscles not only look nice, but they’re also good for a lot of other reasons. Strong muscles mean stronger joints, fewer injuries, and greater ease doing everyday activities. Muscle strength means better posture, balance, and coordination. As you age you’ll have a much lower risk of falling, thanks to your extra muscles, and as a result you’ll be able to live an independent lifestyle for longer.

Prevents Disease

Studies show that folks who include resistance training as part of their regular exercise routine are at a lower risk for disease. Resistance training is a highly effective way of improving your health by strengthening your heart, reducing blood pressure, and increasing blood flow. It’s even known to reduce the pain of arthritis, control blood sugar, and preventing osteoporosis. Can it get you off your medication? It just may.

Boosts Mood

Need more reasons to do resistance training? Like other exercises, resistance training stimulates production of endorphins, hormones that reduce pain and improve your mood. Exercise increases your energy level, helps you sleep better at night, and is a great way to relieve depression. You’ll feel better about your life and your appearance. And don’t forget: resistance training can be fun!