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Goodbye, Hunger Pains

Suppress your appetite the natural way with these tricks.

Your appetite is what tells you if you’re hungry or not. If you’ve got a big appetite, you’re super hungry. All the time. As a teenager, this didn’t cause you any trouble. Today, that big appetite may be getting you in trouble.

Why? Because the more calories you consume, the more weight you could possibly gain. For this reason, many people look for ways to lessen their appetite. Some take supplements or medications with possible negative side effects, while others eat certain foods. Others get desperate enough to try something as dangerous as the cotton ball diet or tapeworm tablets.

But you don’t have to go to such wild extremes. If you’re looking to curb your appetite, you can do it safely. Here are a few ways to cut your hunger pains using Mother Nature.

Fill Up on Fiber

The type of food you eat has a big impact on your appetite. High-fiber foods take longer to digest, so they stay in your stomach longer to keep you feeling full. It’s no wonder people who eat a high-fiber diet tend to weigh less than those who don’t. Fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and whole grains all contain substantial amounts of fiber.

Pack in Protein

Really want to suppress your appetite? Make sure every snack and meal contains a source of fiber and protein. Like fiber, foods high in protein take longer to digest, which causes them to stick around longer. Since carbohydrates are quickly digested, replace some of the carbs in your diet with foods high in protein such as eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, or Greek yogurt.

Feel Free to Eat Fat

Healthy fats are another macronutrient to eat for satiety. Unsaturated fats send a message to your brain that you’re full so you can stop eating. Cook with olive oil, snack on nuts or dark chocolate, and include foods like avocados, salmon, and eggs in your diet.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

When you’re tired, you’re more likely to feel hungry and crave food for energy. Getting enough sleep is an easy way to curb your appetite and decrease hunger hormones. Studies show skimping on sleep could increase hunger by up to 24 percent. Not convinced? Those who sleep less than six hours a night have a 55 percent greater risk of being obese.

Whet Your Whistle with Water

A simple way to make yourself feel full without filling up on food is to drink more water. Featuring zero calories, water still fills your stomach, which tells your brain you’re full. Since water leaves your stomach quickly, it’s best to drink a glass right before each meal and between each bite. Then drink water throughout the day to keep your appetite in check and promote weight loss.

Chug a Cup of Coffee

Another reason to enjoy a cup or three of coffee each morning is its potential ability to curb your appetite. Coffee triggers the release of a hormone that tells your brain you’re full. Studies show decaffeinated coffee may have a greater minimizing effect on appetite than caffeinated, and the effect may last up to three hours.

Simplify and Stress Less

Stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone that wrecks havoc in the body. One negative effect of cortisol is increased appetite and food cravings. And the cravings are rarely for healthy options. Most likely, you go for comfort foods that are high in empty calories. Adopting healthy ways of managing stress is an effective, natural way to suppress your appetite. Get some exercise, practice relaxation techniques, spend time with friends, and go to bed!